70 Commits (102c54e72059becb36b510ee56b8bf0a48aae42b)

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  spaghetti 102c54e720 Require authorization for logins from new locations 5 years ago
  spaghetti afd3bd05eb Why write an entire comment explaining what a variable is for instead of just naming it properly 5 years ago
  spaghetti b12e756084 update_geoip tool now grabs ASN data as well 5 years ago
  spaghetti 7e210a5d51 Clear geodist cache on update 5 years ago
  spaghetti b1d6fe88db Fix misc values tool 5 years ago
  spaghetti 7e10fdac6c Forgot to track these apparently 5 years ago
  spaghetti a1c0275a08 Style Changes 5 years ago
  spaghetti 368b3ca589 Add name metadata to magnet links 5 years ago
  spaghetti 853ffe6232 Top-align torrent screenshots 5 years ago
  spaghetti 405dc917b1 Remove unused variables 5 years ago
  spaghetti 1c9aaecd91 Remove validator for removed setting 5 years ago
  spaghetti 417cb58be0 Fix instability of multiple avatars 5 years ago
  spaghetti 68853e6d73 Remove some styling that tooltipster does 5 years ago
  spaghetti f03a371d58 Make styled tooltips mandatory 5 years ago
  spaghetti 94ff2bd873 Style changes 5 years ago
  spaghetti 592dc5dc47 Repurpose site_options table for misc values 5 years ago
  spaghetti 2fea6e1e32 Typo in rules 5 years ago
  spaghetti 36f0c43f74 Add contest scoreboard 5 years ago
  spaghetti 0ac9a70f10 Remove references to artist concerts 5 years ago
  spaghetti 598d16a582 Remove unused code that was breaking paranoia JS 5 years ago
  spaghetti bb95e6498f Comma consistency in store 5 years ago
  spaghetti 3af364591e Typo in config template 5 years ago
  spaghetti 60ed8ef00d Add sub-resource integrity to scripts 5 years ago
  spaghetti 69de846618 Remove some rarely used HTML clutter 5 years ago
  spaghetti 863c0f64b7 Un-inline some javascript 5 years ago
  spaghetti 6b7cebb8ad Concise-ify time code 5 years ago
  spaghetti 49e411acc8 Update schema 5 years ago
  spaghetti 4c98bc1431 Whoops 5 years ago
  spaghetti 214f489bd7 New session cookie code - Remove CRYPT class 5 years ago
  spaghetti c75200accd Update opensearch file 5 years ago
  spaghetti 6f1b7809ef What? 5 years ago
  spaghetti 80fa6ddd4a Remove unused code 5 years ago
  spaghetti 6deb95d482 Make hover cover images take mouse position into account when deciding what side of the page to appear on 5 years ago
  spaghetti eb21302567 Add beluga-oppai stylesheet previews 5 years ago
  spaghetti c6af980a05 Set font size on beluga buttons 5 years ago
  spaghetti f45cfdf2ce Have disabled icon actually say "Disabled" (Upstream) 5 years ago
  spaghetti 99c839f1c3 Fix tooltip typo 5 years ago
  spaghetti 5d802cd9b3 Move sphinx max_matches stuff into config 5 years ago
  spaghetti 83375cc309 Improve e-hentai API 5 years ago
  spaghetti 467babc1f1 Use username for irc nick 5 years ago
  spaghetti 6016e1c89a Add announce flag to Torrents::freeleech_torrents, stop sitewide freeleech tool from announcing 5 years ago
  spaghetti a058a42a50 Fix weird case where trying to delete an artist that was already deleted breaks edit 5 years ago
  spaghetti d0225b89d0 Slimmer bruteforce prevention 5 years ago
  spaghetti a8ee4858cf e-hentai API fixes 5 years ago
  spaghetti 1ae94c5bfd Replace defunct nhentai API with e-hentai API 5 years ago
  spaghetti 9b80fec2a3 Don't ignore subdomains when trying to autolink "internal" urls 5 years ago
  spaghetti 31b1a9eef4 Add ajax-get-host tool IPv6 compatibility 5 years ago
  spaghetti ded40f0ae8 Combine redundant textboxes in clear/view-cache-key staff tool 5 years ago
  spaghetti 0985125d37 Fix trump freeleeching 5 years ago
  spaghetti 0d82148c00 Add support for tag namespaces 5 years ago