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  spaghetti d090611b16 Merge branch 'fix-user-limit-notice' of Syunka/Gazelle into master 7 months ago
  Syunka 028baca966 Update user limit notice criteria 8 months ago
  Syunka d3732302e2 Fix user limit reached notice 8 months ago
  spaghetti 455152131e Update README.md 10 months ago
  spaghetti d6756fe912 Don't make a query for each freeleech torrent 10 months ago
  spaghetti c856f9e4c5 Add emoji picker to BBCode toolbar 10 months ago
  spaghetti 1cbbf77ce1 Alert on public access over HTTP 11 months ago
  spaghetti 83c5b4fae3 Prefer require_once in non-entry-points 11 months ago
  spaghetti f69a0d00e2 Fully support unicode 11 months ago
  spaghetti d6dbba4cef Organize autofill entry points 11 months ago
  spaghetti 8e350738e9 Fix titles in anidb autofill 11 months ago
  spaghetti 6b409e602f Don't bold top10 torrent listing 11 months ago
  spaghetti 9d2db56317 Hover cover follows mouse 11 months ago
  spaghetti bdbbbc17bb Don't abort page creation if magnet link fails to generate 11 months ago
  spaghetti b6d693b1b3 Spruce up rules 11 months ago
  spaghetti 0ca7b62a1b Use fallback group names in reports 11 months ago
  spaghetti fdd7e525ee Add multi-platform to game releases 11 months ago
  spaghetti 2eaa657314 Highlight stickied posts 11 months ago
  spaghetti 45ea51aa99 Remove 'scroll up' arrow from forum posts 11 months ago
  spaghetti de80d91ab6 Support server_status cache method with php-memcached backend 1 year ago
  spaghetti aebd91b2b5 Give the bookmark page some TLC 1 year ago
  spaghetti 5bdc223de3 Fix rule spelling 1 year ago
  spaghetti ebe7cec91a Clarify report messages 1 year ago
  spaghetti dad171ef87 Don't allow marking deleted messages as unread 1 year ago
  spaghetti e7daec11a9 Remove nonfunctional option for identicons 1 year ago
  spaghetti 65c8df6a32 Don't escape prepared-query-bound filelist 1 year ago
  spaghetti 2f7397e6d5 Display tags with spaces between them when reloading upload form 1 year ago
  spaghetti 8dad3df9b6 Encourage uploaders to think twice about 1080p DVDs 1 year ago
  spaghetti 6faa1294d3 Use correct type for FreeTorrent column 1 year ago
  spaghetti 2a82e908bc Merge branch 'u2f-fix-1' of ThisIs_MyName/Gazelle into master 1 year ago
  spaghetti a00164cb21 Clean up code for modifying screenshots 1 year ago
  spaghetti c9b6bcf0be Rewrite screenshot adding in new torrents to use nicer SQL 1 year ago
  spaghetti 20276597d0 Fix Client-side upload description check 1 year ago
  spaghetti 8adb0113c5 Show username behind anonymous for mods 1 year ago
  spaghetti cd5cf7788d Undo jquery experiment 1 year ago
  spaghetti 42768e3a4c Clean up a bunch of uploading logic 1 year ago
  spaghetti 93cdab9891 Remove duplicate torrent file check 1 year ago
  spaghetti 8b3ec713ff Clean up better.php screenshot code 1 year ago
  spaghetti 2ba683489d Put bbcode toolbar on more textareas 1 year ago
  spaghetti 88681a10e0 Fix login page background alignment 1 year ago
  spaghetti 23fe809fe6 Show a warning to users when database is encrypted 1 year ago
  ThisIs_MyName 2a55b50b7d Escape username and password during u2f login 1 year ago
  spaghetti fbfb770390 Fix scope resolution error in badge class 1 year ago
  spaghetti 2cf5334b4c Clean up forum posting 1 year ago
  spaghetti 97ccf75ed0 Pare down notification filters 1 year ago
  spaghetti b20a12ccd4 Default ehentai api to japanese language 1 year ago
  spaghetti 877a29a42b Replace format with category in top 10 1 year ago
  spaghetti 17b1970ec6 Fix minor trump resolve issues 1 year ago
  spaghetti 5ee696323d Put quotes in active textarea 1 year ago
  spaghetti 2a055fee14 Show seeding/leeching indicators on collection views 1 year ago