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  spaghetti 23fe809fe6 Show a warning to users when database is encrypted 3 years ago
  spaghetti 56bbe9afb4 Improve mobile experience 3 years ago
  spaghetti bbfdde836a Accessibility improvements 3 years ago
  spaghetti 53e3dca294 Rename DBCrypt class to Crypto 3 years ago
  spaghetti 8c533ee1bf Add feature flag for donations 3 years ago
  spaghetti 10831c4902 Replace some inline styling 4 years ago
  spaghetti b0ffed7857 Add Universal Two Factor support 4 years ago
  spaghetti 180f84e240 Add BBCode editor toolbar 4 years ago
  spaghetti afe4203024 Add IP expunge requests 4 years ago
  spaghetti dd4914bed2 Use advgroupname in advanced navbar torrent search 4 years ago
  spaghetti e650a1ab73 Code style: replace "array()" with "[]" 4 years ago
  spaghetti 659f1f5d2a Combine tooltipster and tooltipster_settings so they can't load out of order 4 years ago
  spaghetti 80ba3a76c6 Fix comments JS 4 years ago
  spaghetti 3ec74b811f Uninline forum post text saving JS 4 years ago
  spaghetti f92dfea941 Merge some javascript 4 years ago
  spaghetti 29a4e15e2f Only require apcu, not apcu_bc 4 years ago
  spaghetti 1612fcf6aa Support theme-color meta tag 4 years ago
  spaghetti 75fd81cabc Modify markup to be more HTML5 compliant 4 years ago
  spaghetti b6b2095d52 Nicer looking login form 4 years ago
  spaghetti 7fa01ea63e Whitespace fixes to bring inline with private repo 4 years ago
  spaghetti 069da51422 Navbar revamp 4 years ago
  spaghetti d660980117 This should have been in that uninlining commit 4 years ago
  spaghetti fd9aaf820c Un-inline some crap 4 years ago
  spaghetti 94e8bf3c32 Move authkey definition to attribute and script_start 4 years ago
  spaghetti feb37dde92 Found even more static changes 4 years ago
  spaghetti 473aede7ba More static changes 4 years ago
  spaghetti fe9cb0641d Generalize bonus points to be easily renamed 4 years ago
  spaghetti f1f5b2fd56 Allow for stylesheets to have optional "additions" 4 years ago
  spaghetti 20aae61a7d Replace inline JS gtoggles with html attributes and some global JS 4 years ago
  spaghetti a1c0275a08 Style Changes 4 years ago
  spaghetti f03a371d58 Make styled tooltips mandatory 4 years ago
  spaghetti 36f0c43f74 Add contest scoreboard 4 years ago
  spaghetti 60ed8ef00d Add sub-resource integrity to scripts 4 years ago
  spaghetti 69de846618 Remove some rarely used HTML clutter 4 years ago
  spaghetti 863c0f64b7 Un-inline some javascript 4 years ago
  spaghetti 52b2b2e219 Retab project 5 years ago
  spaghetti e30e450151 code cleanup 5 years ago
  spaghetti a35b11e7eb Fix cache value for email deletion requests 5 years ago
  spaghetti b577cb290e Migrate to SITE_DOMAIN constant from (NON)SSL_SITE_URL 5 years ago
  spaghetti 3d9458b3d0 Initial commit 5 years ago