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  biotorrents e2e4695d72 Staff blog redux 1 month ago
  biotorrents ff836e7897 Remove testing and staff blog stuff 1 month ago
  biotorrents 6d60b0baef Start using internal API calls to fetch database info 1 month ago
  biotorrents 8e8bc5ff80 Add (commented) strict type declaration to all files missing it 1 month ago
  biotorrents dd0c25cf67 Remove site history stuff 1 month ago
  biotorrents 476d0f416f Implicitly return null and start using the Security class for torrent group edits 1 month ago
  biotorrents 7076607450 Add Sphinx config 3 months ago
  biotorrents 06a73b48c5 torrents_doi 3 months ago
  biotorrents fd1641228e Encrypt Gazelle DB connections with client cert 3 months ago
  biotorrents 8058498b34 Housekeeping and bug fixes 4 months ago
  biotorrents ccb667181e Replace show/hide torrent group symbols 4 months ago
  biotorrents e5eb44a4e0 Add SM to public logo 4 months ago
  biotorrents d2485b834f Legals: final draft under counsel 4 months ago
  biotorrents cc088f5938 Public header and query escape 4 months ago
  biotorrents 24ef500b33 #declare(strict_types=1); 4 months ago
  biotorrents 67aa729cc8 Remove GeoIP features and data 4 months ago
  biotorrents 258f1cb11d Update GPG key and signed files 4 months ago
  biotorrents 252f3c0d41 Host own pubkey 4 months ago
  biotorrents b1cc2083a7 Remove Bitcoin/PayPal processing and storage 4 months ago
  biotorrents 45c60ee4e0 GDPR/DMCA: 2nd draft under counsel 4 months ago
  biotorrents f3643602ee Add instant.page 4 months ago
  biotorrents 3bf97b98e6 COPPA/HIPAA: draft pending submission 4 months ago
  biotorrents b9eaa7696d GDPR: draft submitted to counsel 4 months ago
  biotorrents a6bebdf233 Remove DNU 4 months ago
  biotorrents e4475e3e2a Update footer disclaimer 4 months ago
  biotorrents 69d8ee4838 Update donation page 4 months ago
  biotorrents 2024a5ad8d DMCA: 1st draft under counsel 4 months ago
  biotorrents 6f8e8f00dc Partial implementation of extra resolution metadata 4 months ago
  biotorrents d2fa982a82 New affiliate link rules 4 months ago
  biotorrents b8779f3449 AudioFormat → Version 4 months ago
  biotorrents 092c7ef811 Fix all torrent editing except publications (needs DB surgery) 4 months ago
  biotorrents b4fb8c0c52 Empty commit 4 months ago
  biotorrents 0acde3300d Radio buttons, and custom font options for all themes 4 months ago
  biotorrents 55f349eb5e Stylesheet refactor 4 months ago
  biotorrents 87cb43c804 Fix WSoD on upload form 4 months ago
  biotorrents e8bf249a31 Nicer postmod dropdown menu 4 months ago
  biotorrents cf40bdacb6 Tiny bit of login form magic 4 months ago
  biotorrents 30dec3641f Delete useless tables 4 months ago
  biotorrents dfbd490b42 Remove table currency_conversion_rates 4 months ago
  biotorrents 43c2ac3855 Rules rule 4 months ago
  biotorrents e55d5dd81a Improve better.php 4 months ago
  biotorrents 775abbf8c2 NameRJ → Title2 4 months ago
  biotorrents 7bd91a6662 Remove references to Pages torrent group field 4 months ago
  biotorrents 5c96c7307c Remove references to DLsiteID torrent group field 4 months ago
  biotorrents 1617eda4c9 Remove all MediaInfo references 4 months ago
  biotorrents b3a2897b6a Remove references to Language DB field and the MediaInfo class 4 months ago
  biotorrents 1a8a190115 Delete references to Subbing/Subber fields 4 months ago
  biotorrents 0c9f1a4e4c Empty commit 4 months ago
  biotorrents ab50dd6caa Fix footer/notification display issue 4 months ago
  biotorrents 7aec6d768c Add What.cd postmod theme 4 months ago