15 Commits (d6756fe9129ee8e5f6b63e858bb01b3117ca1627)

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  spaghetti d6756fe912 Don't make a query for each freeleech torrent 3 years ago
  spaghetti cb1f6ad1d2 Add compatibility with php-memcached 4 years ago
  spaghetti d8c885dd8d Replace a whole bunch of sqltime()s with NOW()s 4 years ago
  spaghetti 61603a4c1b Remove tag voting 4 years ago
  spaghetti 62d7f93c51 Remove missed references to Vote column 4 years ago
  spaghetti 9f7885546a Remove torrent group voting and similar artists 4 years ago
  spaghetti e650a1ab73 Code style: replace "array()" with "[]" 4 years ago
  spaghetti e51d6963b4 Miscellaneous changes to bring public repo in line with private 4 years ago
  spaghetti db0b231421 Populate sphinx_delta fields correctly 4 years ago
  spaghetti 7336fb839c Add Romaji titles 5 years ago
  spaghetti d76fa311d6 Shorten "week" in freeleech time format 5 years ago
  spaghetti ba83225b19 Migrate to storing torrent files on the filesystem rather than the DB 5 years ago
  spaghetti 6016e1c89a Add announce flag to Torrents::freeleech_torrents, stop sitewide freeleech tool from announcing 5 years ago
  spaghetti 52b2b2e219 Retab project 5 years ago
  spaghetti 3d9458b3d0 Initial commit 5 years ago