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  xoru 2f64179835 Fix JAV request autofill 1 year ago
  xoru 0852363f6b Extract audio format from mediainfo 1 year ago
  spaghetti 46a904d950 Miscellaneous Changes 1 year ago
  spaghetti 7f7fa62a79 Something about overflow I dunno this one doesn't have a commit message in the internal repo 2 years ago
  spaghetti c856f9e4c5 Add emoji picker to BBCode toolbar 3 years ago
  spaghetti 1cbbf77ce1 Alert on public access over HTTP 3 years ago
  spaghetti d6dbba4cef Organize autofill entry points 3 years ago
  spaghetti 8e350738e9 Fix titles in anidb autofill 3 years ago
  spaghetti 9d2db56317 Hover cover follows mouse 3 years ago
  spaghetti 2eaa657314 Highlight stickied posts 3 years ago
  spaghetti aebd91b2b5 Give the bookmark page some TLC 3 years ago
  spaghetti 8dad3df9b6 Encourage uploaders to think twice about 1080p DVDs 3 years ago
  spaghetti 20276597d0 Fix Client-side upload description check 3 years ago
  spaghetti cd5cf7788d Undo jquery experiment 3 years ago
  spaghetti 42768e3a4c Clean up a bunch of uploading logic 3 years ago
  spaghetti 88681a10e0 Fix login page background alignment 3 years ago
  spaghetti 23fe809fe6 Show a warning to users when database is encrypted 3 years ago
  spaghetti 5ee696323d Put quotes in active textarea 3 years ago
  spaghetti 66ab5fbb6c Fix scrollbar appearing unnecessarily on public pages 3 years ago
  spaghetti 945e93b729 Update README with new mascot 3 years ago
  spaghetti 56bbe9afb4 Improve mobile experience 3 years ago
  spaghetti c3a965fdee Remove references to third-party Push services 3 years ago
  spaghetti bbfdde836a Accessibility improvements 3 years ago
  spaghetti fe19df0059 Do some actual client-side validation on upload form 3 years ago
  spaghetti 2329f52a6c Enable thumbnailing 3 years ago
  spaghetti 88563e3cfe Add translation group back to anime form 3 years ago
  spaghetti 62de516001 Remove useless datetime picker widget 3 years ago
  spaghetti b4f402bbba Restructure and simplify upload form 3 years ago
  spaghetti 794d396d48 Size screenshots in edit form 3 years ago
  spaghetti e36a953e32 Lazy-load screenshots 3 years ago
  spaghetti a68f182264 Don't preload cover images 3 years ago
  spaghetti 10fbfa541f Try to fix some avatar loading weirdness 3 years ago
  spaghetti d67e8e205f Make preview spoilers work 3 years ago
  spaghetti cc63db358b Make geneviv stylesheet better at displaying collection tags 3 years ago
  spaghetti 0ed5a0b0d3 jQuery fixes and removal of unused script 3 years ago
  spaghetti a82b5c9f2a Ensure links are visible in tooltipster 3 years ago
  spaghetti 64fe216673 Bring up to date with private repo 3 years ago
  spaghetti 84ef8eff58 jQuery fix 3 years ago
  spaghetti bbcd0ddfc1 Upgrade jquery to 3.2.1 3 years ago
  spaghetti 6528c57384 Style password reset login page 3 years ago
  spaghetti f629c6efda Update U2F API 3 years ago
  spaghetti 88fce5b1f6 Fix some cover stuff on the details page 3 years ago
  spaghetti 912dd91bb2 Italicize anonymous uploaders 3 years ago
  spaghetti 5b16428a27 Make rule search work better 3 years ago
  spaghetti 538179ac32 Touch up word breaking 4 years ago
  spaghetti f39fc7bfd8 Fix some cases where BBCode toolbars would fail to be recreated after page is modified 4 years ago
  spaghetti 75361092e5 Remove probably unused duplicate function 4 years ago
  tricidious c7e2fc98b6 Fix add and remove artists buttons 4 years ago
  spaghetti 16c1e41e53 Fix bbcode toolbar error 4 years ago
  spaghetti a2f248ec65 Fix large tags in sidebar overflowing 4 years ago